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15 January 2008


Did you watch the Golden Globes "Ceremony" the other night?
I didn't think so.
That's because NO ONE did.
Alright, 5.8 million people did, but that's peanuts compared with last year's 20 million viewers.
In fact, that's less viewers than the People's Choice Awards!
No one wanted to watch without the stars being there and the stars all boycotted the event in support of the WGA and their ongoing strike with big media.
So NBC took a well deserved bath on the Globes this year.
But how about the Hollywood Foreign Press Association (which gives out the awards)? Don't I feel bad for them? Ha ha ha! um, no. I love the fact that no one cares about their ridiculous awards without the stars there to receive them.
I have never had any respect for their choices and this year was no exception.
Their pick for best picture? "Atonement," the single most pretentious film to be released last year.



At 4:11 AM, Blogger Rich said...

I love Romero!!!! Can't wait for Diary to come out as well. I'll be catching Cloverfield soon as well (would have already if i didn't go on a mini family vacation Martin Luther King Jr. weekend)


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