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15 January 2008

George Romero!

George Romero is hard at work making a brand new zombie picture, "Diary of the Dead," which is a complete re-imagining of his now classic mythology of the dead.
Romero has stated that this is the first movie since "Night of the Living Dead" over which he has had complete creative control.

From the trailer, it seems as if Romera is using the same storytelling device as that used in the upcoming "Cloverfield" (i.e. would-be-filmmaker records the end of the world on tape which is later retrieved by survivors). "Cloverfield" looks to be pretty great itself, but for my money, I'd bet on the master to deliver the goods:

Diary of the Dead - Exclusive Trailer

And what's more:
Romero is offering horror filmmakers the chance to have their short films included on the "Diary of the Dead" DVD. He even claims that he's going to watch all the entries himself! (I wonder if I can turn Drew & Kali's storyline into a short . . . )
For more info click the link below to visit the "Diary of the Dead" myspace page.



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