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08 November 2007

"Sharp Dressed Men" Article in The Wire

The Wire, which is a local, weekly newspaper, ran an article in today's issue about "Sharp Dressed Men" premiering at S.N.O.B.

You can read the article here.

It is a very nice piece, which plugs both the S.N.O.B. premiere this Friday and the Inn on the Blues showing next Thursday.

However, the article did contain a few inaccuracies which I want to correct. So in no particular order, here is the truth:
  • The name of the film's writer/star is G. Matthew Gaskell (not "Gaskill" as it appears in the article).
  • I had nothing to do with Gaskell's decision to adapt his screenplay back into a stage play. Although I did perform the role of "Tom" in the award-winning premiere, I was not one of its producers. That production was produced by Gaskell and his partner Andrew Fling under their Sharp Dressed Productions shingle.
  • "Sharp Dressed Men" was shot in October of 2005 (not 2006).
On a similar note, an article about my good friend & artistic collaborator Carolyn Connolly also appeared in the same issue. (Carolyn was AD and 2nd camera on "Stricken," in addition to being one of the most talented actresses I have ever had the pleasure to work with.)

You can read her article here.



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