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02 February 2009

Why I'm not going to see G.I. Joe

Sure, the costumes may look terrible and the CGI effects may look ridiculous and it may be directed by Stephen Sommers (who creates such trash as "The Mummy" and "Van Helsing"), but the main reason why I will be avoiding G.I. Joe: The Movie!! is because of this:

That is what the movie version of the Baroness looks like. Yes, Sienna Miller is beautiful, but what's that on her face!? Goggles? They sure aren't glasses. And the reason the Baroness was the only arch villain I ever had a crush on was because of her cute little librarian glasses.


There we go.

Deadly, sexy and SMART! What better combination could there be for a 12 year old geek? I was destined to love her.

(And I won't let Stephen Sommers take that away from me.)

Bonus: Other G.I. Joe geeks may be amused by this post from Chris's Invincible Super Blog, in which he deconstructs the character of Destro from the comic book.


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