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13 February 2009

"The People vs. George Lucas"

This films looks thoroughly entertaining. No matter what your feeling may be about George Lucas (and almost anyone who cares about film has an opinion about Darth Flannel), this looks like an interesting deconstruction of the cultural phenomenon that is Lucas.

Not only is the subject interesting, but the method in which the film is being crafted is intriguing. As can be seen from the trailer, director Alexandre Philippe professionally interviewed many people for the film: fans, critics, industry insiders, scholars. But he is also using fan-generated content in the film. On the official website, Philippe writes that he will be using equal parts professional film and amateur video in the final cut.

Right now he is accepting amateur submissions from anyone who has anything to say about Lucas.

(On a slight tangent, The People vs. George Lucas happens to feature an interview with my favorite critic, Glenn Kenny, who will also be featured in Stephen Soderbergh's upcoming The Girlfriend Experience, which was cast almost completely with non-actors.)



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