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20 February 2006

FWWF - There Will be Blood

This post is the first in what will be an ongoing series of "Films Worth Waiting For."
Films which earn the distinction of being FWWF are those films which (ironically) I can not wait to see. These are the films that I believe will be brilliant just because of the sheer talent behind them.

I will be adding a sidebar soon which will list all of the current FWWF as well as their release dates. Once each film is finally released, I will write a follow up which will give my final impression of the film and whether or not my faith was justified.

The first film to be honored with the FWWF title is the just recently announced "There Will be Blood."

This film has not even started shooting yet and I already know that it will be amazing.


Because it stars Daniel Day-Lewis, who is easily one of the three greatest film actors in the world
Because it is based on Upton Sinclair's novel 1927 "Oil!" which laid bare the oil industry just as his novel "The Jungle" did to the meat packing industry
And most importantly, because it's being written and directed by Paul Thomas Anderson.

If you don't know how P.T. Anderson is, you should.
He has directed four feature films in his 10 year career:

Sydney (aka Hard Eight)
Boogie Nights
Magnolia (Best Film - 2000 Berlin Film Festival)
Punch-Drunk Love

All of them different; all of them brilliant.

P.T. Anderson was Robert Altman's choice for backup director when the insurance companies insisted that he have one on the set of "A Prairie Home Companion."

His films are full of the real 3-dimensional people reacting to extraordinary circumstances (while most films are full of stock characters placed in extraordinary circumstances). If you have not seen them, do so, although more conservative readers might want to forgo Boogie Nights which delves into life within the porn industry.

Once you have experienced Anderson's worlds, you'll understand why I can't wait to go back there.



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